Festival Flamenco de Almeria
More than 8.500 People Have Participated in the 53th Edition of “Festival de Flamenco y Danza de Almería”

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Quality and quantity. The Almería Flamenco and Dance Festival closed its fifty-third edition after midnight last Thursday.

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Quality and quantity. The Almería Flamenco and Dance Festival closed its fifty-third edition after midnight last Thursday, when Chick Corea & The Spanish Heart Band received the most closed ovations as a sign of gratitude for their excellent concert on the stage of Bullring. This closed more than twenty days of festival programming, organized by the Culture and Education Area of ​​the Almería City Council, which has been followed by more than 8,500 people in their various initiatives.

The councilor responsible for the Area, Diego Cruz, points out that “in addition to the highlights of the large number of spectators that the event has had, it is important to highlight the enormous level of quality that all the artists on the poster have shown, from the most modest, to the commitment and dedication that the great stars demonstrated ”.

Diego Cruz also wanted to highlight the collaboration of all those who have made it possible for the festival to continue its excellent reputation on the circuit. “We must thank the work of the Indanza Association, which this year held its biennial international competition, in addition to all the sponsors and administrations.” Cruzcampo, Hyundai, Cosentino and Hotel Avenida, such as the Ministry of Education, Provincial Government and Almería 2019, in addition to the incorporation of the Alcazaba as the setting for four evenings.

The Flamenco Festival had its first two appetizers with the sixth edition of Plazeando, the flamenco cycle at key points in the old town, with Antonio ‘El Genial’ and Edu García. His two performances, in Pablo Cazard and Plaza San Roque, along with that of Azahara Herrera and Cristo Heredia last Monday next to the Church of San Juan, had nearly 1,900 people in their three free appointments.

It was on Friday the 12th when the first great show was performed: the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet conquered with its ‘Naturalmente Flamenco’. A proposal out of any conceptual claim, only the art of classic sticks and the most careful choral work. That morning there was the intimate act of handing over the Silver Shoe to Blanca del Rey.

From July 15 to 17 a new edition of ‘3 A Compás’ was developed, for the first time in the Alcazaba. The protagonists were Aitana Rousseau, Macarena Ramírez and Eduardo Leal, who was also in charge of directing the celebrated flashmob lived at the gates of the Central Market. More than 700 spectators attended this dance-related block, which also had a very important moment with the celebration of the sixth edition of the international competition, which brought together more than 500 people in its semifinal with two venues and the grand final in the Apolo Theater.  Already last weekend the four great stellar events of the program were held, not even the forced cancellation of ‘Carmen’, has tarnished its exceptional reception with more than 5,000 spectators watching the National Ballet of Spain at the farewell to Antonio Najarro as conductor and with the Ciudad de Almería Orchestra, the night of José Mercé and Tomatito pulverizing any flamenco limitation, the deepest night, with La Tremendita, María José Pérez and José del Tomate and the great final closing of Chick Corea & The Spanish Heart Band.

From the Culture Area they are already beginning to think about the next 2020 edition. “The artists’ programming and agenda need forecasts to be made in time, so in a couple of weeks we will begin to design the next Flamenco Festival year, when the international dance competition is not held, it will have a greater role in cante ”, concludes Diego Cruz.

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