Flamenco Biënnale Nederland

Amsterdam, Utretch, Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Groningen,
Den Haag, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Amberes, Gent

Flamenco at its cutting edge. 

The acclaimed Flamenco Biënniale Nederland is one of the most important flamenco festivals in the world. It is dedicated to an adventurous and contemporary high-end flamenco.

The Biennale feautres flamenco latest developments, presenting creators who build-up the international avant-garde of flamenco. It has a color palette with all flamenco forms (dance, music, songs). Its aim is showing new forms and alliances of this art with jazz, contemporary dance and music while conversating with other musical cultures.

The seventh biennial festival took place from January 18 to February 10, 2019 in 8 Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, La Hague, Utrecht, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Groningen and two Belgian cities: Antwerp and Gent. It presented a new generation of young and fast-rising flamenco artists, with an open and curious mind, who go beyond the borders of this historical art form. One more time we have shown the latest developments in the genre.