Festival de la Union
The Cante de las Minas Foundation organizes the XXIX Saeta National Contest “Ciudad de la Unión”

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This year the Cante de las Minas Foundation organizes the XXIX National Competition of Saetas “Ciudad de La Unión”, whose bases have already been published and the registration process is open for artists who wish to participate.

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The contest will be open to as many singers as they wish, professional or not, with the exception of the winners of the first prize in this same contest of the last three editions.

The style of arrows for the participants is free, being mandatory to make two different styles that can be interpreted with their corresponding change, if any. The letters must refer to the Cristo de los Mineros. Candidates can register at the email concursosaetaslaunion@hotmail.com, before 24 hours on March 30, 2020.

Likewise, they must provide their updated curriculum vitae, indicating the following information: name and surname, stage name, if any, DNI, place and date of birth, residence address, contact telephone numbers and email, as well as a recording or current internet link where you can check your interpretive capacity in the cante de la Saeta.

The first prize consists of 1,700 euros and the Isabel Díaz “La Levantina” trophy, sponsored by the Cajamurcia Foundation; the second prize is endowed with the amount of 1000 euros, the third with 700 euros and a runner-up of 300 euros is also contemplated.

The qualification of the contestants will be made by a specialized jury, whose decision will be final, it will meet beforehand to establish a previous selection of the contestants based on the recordings provided, selecting a maximum of four finalists to be classified for the final .

The finalist contestants must appear at the headquarters of the “Ilustre Cofradía del Santísimo Cristo de los Mineros de La Unión”, located at Calle Salvador Pascual nº 16 in the same town at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday April 8, where they will proceed to draw that will provide the order of action.

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