Flamenco Festival New York
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Beyond New York … Flamenco Festival On Tour travels the United States

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The best flamenco of today takes the States. In addition to New York, Flamenco Festival’s artists will tour the country from coast to coast.

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Miami, Sarasota, Chatham, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles will host this year’s proposals for Flamenco Festival On Tour, the extension of Flamenco Festival beyond New York.

The best voices of today’s flamenco, those that inherit the tradition and those that bet on the rupture to create new paths in flamenco, will be present in this edition.

Niño de Elche is a multi-disciplinary artist and contemporary deconstructionist who combines flamenco with performance art, poetry, improvisation, rock and electronics. Miguel Poveda is among the most popular and innovative flamenco singers in the world. Rocío Márquez has made her name as a leading figure in the world’s contemporary flamenco scene intertwining tradition with avant-garde. Singer Kiki Morente comes from a legendary musical family and has been playing along with her sister Estrella Morente for a few years now.

Guitarist José del Tomate, acclaimed for his remarkable technique and rhythmic expressions, is regarded as one of the best flamenco guitarists of the new generation. Emerged from the Taller de Musics factory, in Barcelona, Los Aurora have conquered in just three years several stages from all over the world. Admired as a saxophonist, vocalist and composer,
 Antonio Lizana has mastered both traditions, flamenco and jazz, and brought international recognition to his work.

Flamenco dance is the most international expression of this art. The Flamenco Festival program brings the best of dance with artist like María Pagés with a show about the emergence of the feminine voice ‘Yo, Carmen’. Patricia Guerrero is one of the most talented and original dance makers of her generation, in search of a new flamenco dance language. Eduardo Guerrero dances with fury and from the guts but never loses his elegance, the style that is his hallmark. Manuel Liñán not only shines as a dancer but also as a choreographer and a director. This year he brings to USA two of his latest shows: ¡Viva! and Baile de autor. Liñán is also the director of this edition’s Gala de Andalucía that features Eduardo Guerrero, María Moreno whose astonishing dance pays tribute to the traditional style of Cádiz, Mercedes Ruiz, lauded for her “commanding truth and virtuosity” (Financial Times); and rising singer Maria Terremoto, the youngest artist ever to receive the Giraldillo Award for New Artist at the Seville Flamenco Biennial.

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