Flamenco Festival New York

Flamenco Festival New York

New York City, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago,
Los Angeles, Chatman, Washington, Sarasota

The most important platform for flamenco worldwide. 

Flamenco Festival New York, that is two decades old, has established itself as one of the most significant stable events of Spanish culture in the United States and the main platform for flamenco in the international cultural scene.

After gathering 45,000 spectators in the United States in 2018, the Festival took place between March 7th and 17th 2019 to bring this artistic expression, World Heritage, beyond the Spanish borders in a total of nine shows which had 26 performances. 12 of them were based in two different spaces in New York, plus another 14 performances of Flamenco Festival On Tour with stops in three major American capitals such as Miami, Chicago and Washington DC.