Jerez Festival

Festival de Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

The meeting place with the most authentic flamenco in the “ciudad del compás”. 

The Jerez Festival offers a wide and qualified display of the most genuine and significant artistic manifestation of this city: flamenco. In this context, dance is the storyline of the Festival. With this thematic definition (flamenco dance and Spanish dance), the Jerez Festival becomes a unique reference among events of this type that take place in the world, without forgetting other disciplines such as singing and guitar.

The Festival makes a firm commitment to the creative evolution of flamenco, to the development of its expressive forms and modernization of the tradition languages. The Festival is determined to support the creative activity determined to find new aesthetics and expressive paths for flamenco in the 21st century. Some of these artists have grown along with the event and their presence in the programming becomes more evident in line with their consecration as leading figures.


The Festival is not exclusively planned as a broadcast program; it also welcomes formative manifestations, in support to the creation and of encounter with other arts. More than 40 courses and workshops with students from more than 30 countries highlight the international dimension of the sample. The Festival, since its inception, has contributed to the development of a cultural industry around flamenco and has strengthened the tourist and service sector of the city of Jerez.

The Festival also means a wake-up call about Jerez as a “city of flamenco”, making its activities be distributed in addition to the Villamarta Theater through public spaces and unique buildings.